Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top 5: Fashion Faux Pas of 2008

5. Jeans and Sandals
This is Southern California at it's finest.  I don't know why, but denim(designer) and sandals (rainbows) [no, they arn't Rainbows in the picture] seem to be the rage all-season long.  It might seem comfortable but its gotta be a hassle stepping on your jeans all the time.  Denim was meant as a rough type of fabric and southern california turn it into the cloth of a bunch of pussies.  Enjoy your dirty toes.

4. Super Tight Jeans.
I can't hate tight jeans that much. I confess I shopped in the women's denim departmetn in high school but shit, never did I purchase jeans that are as skin tight as Men's Jeans today. It's ridiculous. And it isn't just skinny guys that are doing it. It's overweight people as well and it just doesn't look good. Super skinny jeans and size 13 shoes. Terrible.
Fat people: You don't eat like a skinny person, you also shouldn't dress like one.

3. Scarves and Tee Shirts.
I don't get this fucking trend. I understand wearing scarves in the cold cause an exposed neck can be a little annoying but in 100 degree weather. C'mon! Most people that do it can't pull it off and you end up looking like a tool. CTSO. You're not Yeezy or Weezy.

2. Affliction and Ed Hardy
This last year became the explosion of these two ridiculous brands.  People became obsessed with wearing tees that throw together a bunch of random ass shit that always has a cross references.  It even elevated to where this acceptable club attire.  Brahs and guidos everywhere have endorsed these hideous brands and enabled them too sell tees for over $200. 
Fuck you Christian Audigier.

1. Jabbawockeez Tee
2008 was the year of the ABDC fad.  Everyone and their mom knew who the hell the Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern are.  After the finale, it seem like almost everybody on the street was rockin' that infamous Jabba Script in every color of the rainbow.  The fad came hard now no barely anyone gives a shit anymore.  A show with Lil Mama and JC as main judges can only successful for so long.

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but ed hardy shirts make me feel so cooooooooool