Friday, December 5, 2008


Why I love kanye. The ego is extra. If you're truly "Hip Hop", you should understand that the best beats came from sampling. If you think it's stealing, than maybe you shouldn't listen to Hip Hop cause I can guarantee you that at least 90 percent of your favorite classics were. I'm sick of people that hate on him cause he sampled Ray Charles (RIP) in "Gold Digger".


SuJason25 said...

i think that depends on what you define as leisure.

is leisure just sitting around all day? maybe a leisure is a hobby that develops into a passion.

perhaps it isnt unlimited money as that is a driving force in ambition. but it is that handicap that the lack of money can provide that impedes what people may have a passion to do

Peter said...

Well, fine sir.

Lack of money does restrict us from doing some things we may enjoy a lot such as traveling, spending, getting smashed, partying, etc.

I believe that if I had all the necessary tangible resources in my life, maybe I would just give up. I don't think I would want to do any good because there's no incentive to do shit.

I believe money is one of those incentives that has made America the innovation giant it is today. Niggas wanted to watch they money pile up so they thought of sick ways to help out society while banking.

dolla dolla bill ya!