Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week 10 Series: Be in tune with your Star Player

This shit, this shit right here nigga, this shit right here nigga, this shits’ called REASON.

Taking another break from studying, I spent Tuesday afternoon kickin’ with my Armenian homie Marc. I met him a year or so and connected fast over our appreciation and understanding on the hipster culture (well, at least we THINK we understand it). We both get why bands like MGMT and other weird shit get popular but haven’t hopped on the bandwagon and dressed like those weird motherfuckers.

We decided to watch the new Justice DVD, A Cross the Universe, which I bootlegged from torrents. If anyone hasn’t seen it, I highly recommend you guys check out how these fucks want to be portrayed on a more personal level. Despite their connection with that giant glowing cross they drag through their tour, they live a very un-Christian lifestyle, i.e.: fucking virgins, getting married in Vegas, downing 151, swearing, and even breaking a beer bottle over a fan's face. Shits ridiculous. (Sorry if I spoiled the documentary for you.) With all this happening, they still manage to kiss the cross before every show, as though they were thanking God for being where they are.

This brings me to my topic of discussion for the day: Thanking God for all the good things that come in your life and discounting him for your short-comings. Flip on the tele’ to an award ceremony and almost every acceptance speech begins with, “First, I would like to thank God for where I am today.” Shit man, give yourself some mother-fucking credit. Take Justice for example: they were the ones that remixed Simian’s “Never Be Alone”, performed live through their tour, and wrote the † album. People, you are the star player! (Excuse me for my multiple references to Katt Williams. I love the man.) I firmly believe that you are the product of your destiny. Sometimes shit happens that you can’t control, like some illness like leukemia or another fucked disease that ends the human life. But it happens cause it happens. We don't need some kind of high and mighty reason for why it happened. I don’t think it would be right to blame God for why someone dies young or because you became a multi-millionaire dollar hipster act.