Thursday, December 4, 2008

Week 10 Series: America: My ass all men are created equal.

Over a Chicken Dijon from Le Dip (the best shit in the University center), I discussed democracy with my pal Linda, who’s a punk and I hate her. We covered the usual topics on fashion but then followed it by how messed the country has come partially due to that sacred thing we love so much, democracy. Yeah, I fucking said it, democracy. The principle that apparently in America that is righteous and supposedly a principle that every country should be honored to have. With how wonderful it may seem that everyone has an equal voice regardless or race, gender, or social statuses, it seems pretty fucked up in my opinion.

With democracy in our society, it takes long as fuck for shit to get accomplished because there are people that won’t stray away from their current positions on anything. With democracy requires a higher level of education isn’t required in the voting process. All that is required is write-in your name and address and boom, you can mark anything you want on the ballot. The confusing ass process even offers a little tidbit of information regarding both sides of the proposition as though a paragraph response is enough to justify a vote that could potential affect millions of people. People don’t always know what the fuck they are voting for. Democracy assumes that the entire public knows what’s best for them but what the hell am I doing when I vote on legislation about crimes when I don’t really understand how the system fully works?

Despite my morose view on democracy, I love America. This “land of the free” gives people from lower social-economical status a possibility to make a name for them even if it may be harder for where they’re coming from. We need to accept the fact that perhaps not everyone is created equal. You don’t’ get to choose if you’re parents are divorced, how many limbs you have, how attractive you are. All we can do really is try to make America a level playing field for everyone, even if it includes putting handicaps on some. And let me tell ya, democracy ain't workin' dat good.

she votes.
she also fucks her cousins.

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yeah i hate you too.