Friday, December 5, 2008

Week 10 Series: My Heroes and S*** list

(American Pimp, check out the full documentary)

John D. Rockefeller

The richest man in history.
Rockefeller was the first to make an empire out of our greed for oil. He became one of few robber barons that dominated the industrial age. Despite of walking all over his competition, he still managed a philenthropic model by donating 10% to charity.

James Jebbia
Founder of highly respected Union, Supreme and Stussy in New York.
JJ turned a skateboard label into a highly sought underground prize where kids, including myself, are willing to fork out $150 on ebay for a simple box logo tee. He understands his market and continues to produce timeless pieces unlike another familiar brand around Irvine with a lot of generic foil graphics. *Hint Hint*

Mark Zuckerberg
Founder of Facebook, Harvard Drop-out.
Despite criticism from the university, MZ said fuck it and continued on developing his social networking website even if it entailed leaving the prestiguous university. In 2006, MZ was scheduled for a conference call with Microsoft at 8:00 AM but said he couldn't make it cause he wouldn't be awake. Legit. (Please note: don't try to pull this shit at your job cause you'll get fired and become a nobody)

Real ones.
These guys should become businessmen. I don't understand how any man can have an army of 50 women combing the streets solely for their pockets. The bitches never see the money they make and do everything just for his "protection" and approval. Haha.

Mark Cuban
Entrepreneur, Owner of the Dallas mavericks.
Apparently, MC matches the fines from his NBA antics with charitable donations of equal amounts. Also, he has "criticized the league's manager of officials, Ed T rush, saying that he "wouldn't be able to manage a Dairy queen." When Dairy Queen management took offense, Cuban worked for a day at a Dairy Queen in Coppell, Texas where fans lined up in the street to get a Blizzard from the owner of the Mavericks." Talk about taking responsibilities for actions. True Hero.

Honorable mentions.
Eli Porter - Spits venom even after a mind block.
Gary Dahl - Realized people are stupid, and made $1 Million in the half-year fad of the "pet rock"
Bill Gates - Dropped out of school, stole an idea, became richer than ever.
Edison Chen - Has proof he sleeps with celebrities.
Nigerian scammers - took $400,000 from some greedy lady. She lost everything. Another proof that people are stupid or gullible.
Oscar Pistorius (poor lil tink tink) - beats people on the track without legs, literally.

S*** list.
Michael Phelps - Best swimmer, no doubt, but no matter what his agents try to do, he still hasn't become marketable. You have no steez son. (Ex. SNL)
Brahs, Guidos - stop it with the Affliction, Ed hardy, nor-cal stars, and flared jeans. DGAF is kinda cool though
Ingrid Newkirk (founder of PETA) - doesn't believe in animal testing while uses medicine from developed from it. Hypocrite.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck - You're hot and stupid. Stop ruining women's image.


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